La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain

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La Gomera

La Gomera, Canary Islands is the second smallest island and has a surface area of 375kms2. Located in the Atlantic Ocean just in front of the coast of Northern Africa.

La Gomera is the second smallest island in the Canary Island group. It’s only 375 km² and is located in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of North Africa.

Thankfully, it has managed to escape mass tourism. The whole island is a place on unspoilt natural beauty with dense forests, black-sand beaches, natural parks, mountains, Mediterranean and subtropical ecosystems. It’s a nature lover’s paradise!

Although it’s very close to the equator (where it’s very hot), it still has an incredibly lush green landscape and a mild year round climate with average temperatures of around 22ºC. This is mainly due to the gentle trade winds and cool Canary currents.

Like the other islands in the group, La Gomera is volcanic in origin but there hasn’t been an eruption for over two million years.

The original inhabitants of the islands were Guanches; Berbers from the mountains of Northwest Africa. They invented a completely unique method of communication called “Silbo”. It was a kind of whistled speech used to communicate across the massive valleys.

La Gomera is home to the Garajonay National Park, which takes up one-tenth of the Island.

It’s also where you’ll find the island’s highest peak. Apparently the name comes from the an old legend about two lovers called Gara and Jonay, who committed suicide on this lush peak, because her family were opposed to their marriage. UNESCO declared Garajonay Park a Humanity Wealth in 1986.

La Gomera attracts hundreds of trekkers and walkers each year. There’s a network of paths crossing all over the island displaying a fantastic variety of landscape with rocky peaks, fossils and volcanic chimneys like “Roque de Agando”. On route you’ll also see a wide range of flora and fauna.

La Gomera has some excellent black-sand beaches too. Some of the best include: San Sebastián, La Cueva, Avalos and Playa del Inglés - which used to be a major hippie hangout. There are also several natural swimming pools on the island.

It’s only 35 minutes away from the hustle and bustle and crowded beaches of Tenerife, but La Gomera is a completely different world. It’s like stepping back in time to a wild and wonderful, untouched natural paradise, completely devoid of all commercialism.


  • Reference:bela05

    Desde 75 €

    75 €

    Reference: bela05
  • Reference:pala01

    Rural holiday home La Cuadra (Country Stable) in La Gomera, situated in the middle of the Valle de Hermigua. The house has all of the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay. Enjoy magnificent views...

    Reference: pala01
  • Reference:pala02

    Holiday rental home in Gomera Island, at only 900 meters from Santa de Catalina Beach in Hermigua. The house has all the necessary items for an comfortable stay. On your terrace, enjoy the beautiful scenery...

    Reference: pala02
  • Reference:cela01

    Rural House in La Gomera for holiday rental. The accommodation is located in the Valle de Hermigua, surrounded by banana plantations and with sea and mountain views from all the rooms and the terrace.The...

    Reference: cela01
  • Reference:cala07

    Country holiday home 2/4 guests, situated on the western side of the island of La Gomera, in the stunning Valle Gran Rey.Set within the islands stunning countryside, the house offers total peace and tranquility...

    Reference: cala07
  • Reference:tcla02

    If you're searching for Canary Islands holiday apartments in Spain, in the town of La Gomera, this one is perfect for couples! It is fully furnished and equipped for your comfort. Lovely terrace...

    Reference: tcla02
  • Reference:ella01

    This apartment in La Gomera allows you to enjoy the relaxing and peaceful atmosphere on the island.Set in beautiful surroundings and close to the spectacular beaches on the island, a holiday in La Gomera...

    Reference: ella01
  • Reference:cola01

    Fabulous villa located in La Gomera just 3kms from San Sebastian de la Gomera. It is a spacious home perfect for holidays wit friends or family. Fully furnished and equipped with everything necessary...

    Reference: cola01
  • Reference:tcla01

    Fully furnished and equipped apartment for rent in La Gomera, Spain in the Canary Islands. It is perfect for couples, small families or small groups of friends. Two story home with a great rooftop terrace...

    Reference: tcla01
  • Reference:mila01

    There are many holiday villas in La Gomera, Canary Islands in Spain. This particular house has breathtaking views and is very close to the coast. It is about 450mts above sea level.It is fully furnished...

    Desde 79 €

    79 €

    Reference: mila01
  • Reference:anla13

    Country holiday house situated on the island of La Gomera, recently-renovated accommodation within walking distance of the beach.From the terrace there are stunning views of the sea.Fully equipped for...

    Desde 65 €

    65 €

    Reference: anla13
  • Reference:fela02

    Desde 78 €

    78 €

    Reference: fela02
  • Reference:bela04

    Desde 80 €

    80 €

    Reference: bela04
  • Tel: +34 922 14 15 12

    C/ Real, 56

  • Santiago

  • Argaga

  • San Sebastián

  • Alojera

  • Aguila / Punta Llana

  • El Inglés

  • Vueltas

  • La Arena

  • Valle Gran Rey

  • Tamargada

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